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Removing asbestos
Polytech Contracts Hero

Specialists in Asbestos Removal

Polytech Contracts provides a wide variety of services to customers via a diverse and thoroughly trained workforce. Accreditations and insurances promote our ability to deliver a fully comprehensive package; acting as principal contractor to ensure a swift and hassle-free handover upon completion of designated projects.

1. Asbestos


Polytech provides a wide range of services within the Asbestos Sector from licensed removals to basic consultation across all sectors; we have you covered. We are committed and prepared as a company to accept any challenge by providing the most sought-after service through our teams of highly trained and experienced staff.

  • Removal & Encapsulation

  • Disposal & Decontamination

  • Testing, Surveying & Consultation

Asbestos removal can become very intrusive, expensive, and unlawful should it not be approached correctly, planning and communication are key to help eliminate this.

Rotten Wood

2. Soft-strip Demolition & Lead Paint Removal

Often involved with asbestos removal is the deconstruction phase of a project. Polytech Contracts offers deconstruction to the majority of internal fixings and furnishings providing that they are not structural or have the potential to damage/alter the structural wellbeing of the building. These include but are not limited to;

  • Plant & Lift Rooms (Mechanical and Electrical)

  • Internal Fixings and Furnishings (Partitioning Walls and Stud Work)

  • Outbuildings and Garages

Complete demolition and deconstruction can be arranged proving the appropriate conditions are met, including licensing and permissions.

3. Environmental Contamination Remediation


Over the years a considerable amount of land and thousands of daily occupied areas such as train lines have become contaminated with what is referred to as secondary contamination. Primarily Asbestos and Lead contamination, this is due to a variety of reasons ranging from illegal fly-tipping, personal deconstruction, and the elements of mother nature. Polytech can provide the necessary labour support and machine power where necessary to remove contaminated soils as a whole or to pick through the contamination by hand via trained operatives.

Asbestos Removal
Building Room

4. Internal Fit Out & Non-Structural Alterations


Internal fit-out comes as a multi-purpose service with different materials, methods, and designs available to the client. To discuss this in further detail then please call us, meanwhile here is a list detailing some of the services to expect from us;

  • Dry lining & Plastering

  • Carpentry

  • Flooring

  • Decorating

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